The first whole segment with President Trump was on the leadership of the President in handling the CoVid. Did he set a bad example by not wearing the mask? I suppose the Progressives feel that we need an example to guide us so that we can survive the day. If any President takes his intern into his marital bed, I suppose the Progressives will believe that that is exactly what they and we should do. But if you stop to think about what that says: it makes the American people to them seem very ignorant and unable to function on their own without a President telling them when to blow their nose and replace their mask.

We have all heard the term “the dumbing down of America”. The problem with the term is that it has merit. It is happening. Those in charge of our children’s education in the school system and the education of the children of the inner cities are doing their best to create a population which will remain compliant when someone else does their thinking.

This is what the elite of our nation wish for our population and our world. How dare you think for yourself. How dare you go experiment and produce evidence that goes against our science.

When Americans actually think for themselves the elite are in trouble. We vote for freedom, and we don’t need to be paid to demonstrate against the horrors of abortion, and we don’t take the hate bait, and the race bait. We know who we are and who they want us to emulate. They know that socialism is a big step backward, and will do great harm to our constitution which now guarantees our freedom, even the freedom of socialists to think and do as they do, but it also gives everyone else the right to oppose them.

What we see today in our media, in our education system and now in our Democrat leaders is a move to control our thinking and eventually our life. Don’t take their bait. Free thinking about what is best for you is the enemy of slavery by progressive thought and action.