All summer long the protests were fine and necessary according to the media, but when Trump goes out of Walter Reed for a drive in a car to acknowledge support, he is a murderer. When he goes home in four days — feeling better than before he was infected. the media doesn’t report and celebrate the medical advances and progress made in fighting this Virus, but they criticize his optimism.

One reporter says: “quit downplaying the virus and find a cure President Trump”.

One further question that we need to be asking is — what part did the Hydroxychorloquine play that President Trump had taken weeks before, as a profalactic, with his body’s ability to quickly reject the adverse effects of this virus?

The media today is nothing but an extension of the radical move to destroy religious freedom, free speech and our Republic as we know it. They have already in their warped minds changed the constitution, it only remains to be changed through our laws, and the courts. The road block will be there in the form of the Trump Supreme Court, but will that stop them?

To them all that they need is power once again in the hands of their party, and then the end of America as we know it.

Don’t let it happen. Vote.