While some in the liberal media call for the death of the President from this virus, and while all of liberalism points to the gross mishandling of this CoVid crisis; it would seem that God is having the last word. And if you can’t accept that, then at the very least you must consider that this administration’s handling of promoting a cure for the effects of this virus has now revealed to us that we need not fear this virus. The circumstances of this first week of October have revealed that indeed we can treat this virus even in those more at risk for death. President Trump and Governor Chris Christie are in a sense miraculous examples of answers to prayer. But not miraculous healing, though it is that; but miraculous treatments for this disease have come about, which came to us because Trump is Trump and not just a politician. It was Trump’s administration pushing through, and removing roadblocks to the creation of drugs to impact this disease in record time. And it was Trump himself, who gives you and me the ability to request even an experimental drug in our own treatment. No other administration has ever done this, because no other Administration has ever been an outsider, a businessman who gets things done, by working with and believing in gifted people.

Through all of the clamor calling him a liar because he knew that a treatment and even a vaccine would come about, still he pushed through what his opposition called impossible, and even you and I believed it to be impossible, but the Oct surprise is now evident. It is NOT IMPOSSIBLE.


Will some still die, of course, do people die from the flu because they are already SO compromised physically that almost any infection can bring them death? Do not all people die of something at some point? Of course, but this virus is not to be feared by the average man. In fact we have nothing to fear, except God Himself. You thought I would say fear itself didn’t you. But if you do not fear God, as a beginning to understanding His love and sacrifice for you; then a much worse than CoVid awaits you in eternity. If your bias does not allow you to recognize God’s blessing on the Trump administration; then you have no objectivity left. Is Trump God — no, but believers prayers that are behind him have brought him wisdom and strength to deal with the hatred and deceptive opposition against him from day one — even before his election. He was elected in spite of his own persona, and demeanor. And he has accomplished so much because he cares not what you and I think and say about him, but simply because he believes in his ability to make positive change, and because he loves this United States of America and it’s people, who are not attempting to destroy it.

May God bless America and may God bless Donald Trump.

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