I truly am beginning to wonder if President Trump is going to be a one term President. But what do I know about any of this including about God’s present will for this nation? But I and we do know from scripture how God handled Israel in her final years as a nation. It was during those years that He sent our savior.

So what about Israel’s demise do we know?

⁃ She was still a religious people, even under Roman rule; but she was not an enlightened people seeking God’s truth. She completely missed it.

⁃ She was divided religiously into sects, and most all of her members failed to see what God was doing in their midst.

⁃ She toyed with the politic of her day, but had no real positive influence on them for her God.

⁃ though religious, She rejected the salvation sent for her by God.

Today, we are seeing similar circumstance in our own country, which was once claimed to be a Christian nation. We are divided not only politically as Christians, but our political influence is in word only not in deeds. Christianity as a result is being if not has already been made subject to a worldly system of governance. This condition is being brought on by Christianity’s loss of a real connection to her savior through His Holy Spirit. If repentance leading to revival is not soon coming what will be the fate of this nation?

How does Donald Trump fit into God’s plan for America? Only time will provide the answer to that question. He is our President now, and it is biblical truth to think that God has placed him in that role. So far he is rejected by much of the nation. And though there is no comparison between him and our Lord the savior, still there is a choice surrounding righteousness to be made now as then. So to choose Christ; to choose the path to righteousness is in question. In order to do that it must be determined the difference in the platforms of the two administrations standing for this election? Have you done that? Is there a righteous difference?