Cameron, when you won your first PGA tour event, I was watching and routing for your victory. I was praying for your grandfather, whom you loved and honored with you play and by the way you presented yourself to the world as a representative of you Grandfathers race. I was proud of you.

So why have I suddenly and without your even knowing it become so disappointed in you and so opposed to what you are now doing. Your support for your grandfather and his race is so far removed from those you now support who call themselves BLM. Led by a Marxist un-American organizer they seek to convince me that I have somehow done harm to both your grandfather and to you, and your joining with them has only served to make me wonder why I routed so hard for you to succeed. What BLM and now you are doing only serves to make me question my loyalty to the black race as a whole and to you individually. Should you by chance read this just know that what you think you are doing will have the opposite effect on those who once routed for you and for your grandfathers race.


A white American who thought he loved all Americans, but now has serious reservations

Jerry Parks