Should you believe him? In my opinion his proof is lacking scriptural support, but you should make that judgment. (you will find a link at the end to his message) I encourage you to view his message. And to consider his proof, which is made up of two things.

First his interpretation of types and shadows from the O. T. And second his understanding of a continuing division of the Church and Israel. He calls the church the Gentile Bride; it based on scripture is no such thing. The New Covenant he calls the covenant from Christ with His bride (the Gentiles). Which would make the New Covenant for this Gentile bride and would leave Israel by default in the Old obsolete Covenant.

His types from the Old Testament are:

Enoch is the church; Noah is Israel, Noah represents Israel in Tribulation.

Lot is the Church who must be dragged from danger. Jesus actually stated both to be representative of His Coming which involves first resurrection of all saints. A better understanding of Noah and Lot can be seen in the following from Brian Troxel. His is good insight:

“Noah and Lot represent two different types of believers. Lot representing those who love the world and with great godly persuasion and lament of heart finally forsake the world. Noah who prior to the flood obeyed the Lord to the saving of his house. “By FAITH Noah, being warned of God of things not seen as yet, MOVED with fear, prepared an ark to the saving of his house…” Heb. 11:7 The time we have now is of great consequence to the storm which is coming!” B.T.

In Luke 17:30 Noah and lot were both representative of the same day, and event. That day Paul says in 1st Thess.5 is the day of the Lord when He will take us as a thief in the night. We had just looked at all of this in my last two posts.

To Farog, Daniel is the church and Shadrach Meshach and Abednego are Israel, whom Farog says goes through the Tribulation. Why is the latter representing Tribulation? The furnace is heated 7 times hotter than ordinary. The number seven obviously represents 7 years of Tribulation wherever Farog finds it. I always wondered where Daniel was when his buddies refused to bow down, and now we know. He was playing the role of the Raptured church. How does Farog know this. The first letter of Rapture stands for Revelation, obviously it was revealed to Farog by Jesus, who is the revelator, and prophet.

The Ancient Jewish Wedding Ceremony is a type of Christ and His bride according to Farog, and it has no bearing on the Jews of Israel, also, according to Farog. So why is Israel promised to also be married to her redeemer in Isa. 54?

Farog says: (and I quote) “it’s all about the Rapture”. I’m surprised that he did not say the pre -Trib Rapture for which he says that he is excoriated for its teaching. I don’t know why I put this in, but neither do I know why he stated it; because being opposed on your view proves nothing except that there are those who have difficulty understanding how you might teach any doctrine from weakness. In his case with just these very questionable proofs. There in fact is no scripture which would refute Paul’s teachings that we have looked into in great detail, just in the last two posts.

Farog makes a big deal over the fact that the last Trumpet for the church is the Trumpet of God, whereas the Trumpet of Revelation 11 is blown by an Angel. He says that the First Trumpet is Israel’s, the last Trumpet is for the church.

Revelation 4:1, is his last Trumpet for the church, yet it is not blown by God, and in fact it is a voice loud like a Trumpet, but it is not a trumpet.

The last letter of his acrostic is E encouragement. His point is that our belief in Jesus coming to fulfill His promises to us and to set up His kingdom wherein we will reign with Him is not enough to keep us in obedience; because Farog believes “the Rapture is everything”. It (the pre-Trib Rapture) is our only encouragement to holiness according to Him. The fact that those who have died in Christ will be with us is no encouragement. The Fact that Jesus comes back with these saints who have died to join them with their bodies is no encouragement. The fact that if we ourselves die either before or during the Tribulation we will rise again is not encouraging. The Rapture is everything according to Farog.

So here is his acrostic and it is all about the pre-Trib Rapture.

(R) stands for God’s Revelation to us of a pre-Trib Rapture. The types and shadows listed above are without question in his mind teaching it.

(A) is the affect or effect the pre-Trib Rapture has on us to live in holiness. Yet it is the Dispensationalist who says once you are saved you are saved, so its the imminent pre-Trib Rapture that keeps you enduring in Holiness. Nothing else can work. Nothing is said about what happened to the boy who cried wolf.

(P) is purity in us; and without belief in a pre-Trib rapture you can have none. This proves the timing of the Rapture to cause it to be pre-Trib.

(T) is trumpets for us. The Revelation 4:1 trumpet proves to us that its pre-Trib. The last trumpet from God is for the church. And it’s not really a trumpet, nor is it the last Trumpet of scripture. Believe in the Trumpets they without a doubt teach the pre-Trib Rapture.

(U) is for uniformity between us and Enoch, Noah, and Lot, and many others who teach the rapture message and if you have imagination and don’t really look at what is happening you find it’s all about the pre-Trib Rapture.

(R) is responsibility. If you are not found teaching the pre-Trib Rapture when Jesus comes you will be as the wicked servant who because his masters coming was delayed did horrible things to others, and even though he was a servant he could not have ever trusted in Jesus and he is cast out into outer darkness, because he did not believe the Rapture to be pre-Trib.

(E) is for encouragement. There is no encouragement without believing the pre-Trib Rapture. “It is all about this Rapture”, and of course because there is this pre-Trib Rapture, it seals the separation of church from Israel and allows the theft from Israel by the church Israel’s part in the Resurrection as the bride, and Israel’s part in the marriage supper, and in the new covenant. All of this was promised to Israel, and actually to us through Israel. Reread Ephesians chapter 2 and ask yourself how is Israel going to disconnect from this unity of the saints created by their Messiah once He is accepted by them, but instead they must accept some updated Old Testament version or understanding of Messiah and still be saved apart from us? Can she now be saved by doing what she was formally dispersed for doing when she sought only a pre-messianic Messiah (king), with no sacrifice for sin? Can israel be saved without accepting Messiah’s new covenant, and if Farog believes so how does he determine this separation to be scriptural?

We in Israel’s commonwealth will rule with Christ from Jerusalem over a mortal world for 1000 years. A world that will rebel one final time against Christ and His salvation when Satan is once again unleashed. How can Israel achieve a separation once saved, from a body that is in Christ, when, in fact, she must be in Christ to escape God’s wrath? Oh, I forgot she will go through Tribulation, so according to Farog and you if you are Pre-Trib, that means she will experience Gods wrath. Why do I say that, because the pre-Trib Rapture seems the only way according to some to escape God’s wrath. I thought it was salvation in Christ Jesus that did that for us? There is actually scripture which places the resurrection following the Tribulation; and Paul in 1Thess.4, makes clear that rapture follows resurrection. There is no scripture telling us of two first resurrections, or two raptures, which would divide the one body that Christ came to call out of this age. Just saying. If you find me too hard on Farog please comment.