Yet, the mob is ruling, police are no longer respected, in at least and by at least half of the country. Innocent people are fearful because no one will protect them from the mob. The average American considers taking up arms just to protect themselves, but so far the government has given up to the mob, which now has the support of the local governmental authorities in at least half of the cities and metropolitan areas in this country, who were elected to control local society and to not allow lawless mob activity against us the individual.

Mob activity and group-think grows stronger because they are allowed to and they are encouraged and egged on by government leaders and the media, who have physically & mentally handcuffed our constitutional law enforcement at all levels.

The innocent law abiding citizens far outnumber the mob, yet we are not organized into anything resembling an opposition force to be reckoned with. We have relied on elected officials to act against what we see happening in our government and on our streets. Will there be anyone including our President who will raise up such a force to take back the streets of our cities and stop the growth and the advance of the forces that are currently at work behind these lawless bands?

If not, eventually we will see individual citizens being killed as they attempt to defend their own freedoms and property. We have already seen evidence of this action, and tragically little is made of it, because the media refuses to do their part as a guardian for the truth. Giving rise to the question, are they really playing their intended role in what is happening?

One political party seemingly gone mad is supported by big Tech companies and a media that seemingly want to see this country fundamentally changed. And couple with this the fact that at least one half of the church in America today is either in support of, or unaware of what is happening. The other one half is basically silent.

This plight eventually will effect in ways you will not like, everyone in the United States of America if this lunacy on the part of local governments in this country continues — even if just until the November election. Should that happen we may not even have an election.

If this violence spreads to suburban America there could well be civil War.

I do believe that we may well see at some point military in our streets before this ends. If Trump elects to use the military, he does so at the risk of being pummeled so badly by the opposition, that he could be dragged from office. Should that happen our institutions as we know them may be toppled. Where does today’s military really stand? We have seen Trump ridiculed by Obama-appointed military leaders.

We are right now being attacked from within, but nothing is to say that those attacks if they continue, will not be joined by some rogue national force. If our Federal government does not unify and take control, that very weakness alone may encourage such events.

One thing is for certain, within the revealed explanation from scripture, there is no powerful entity (such as the United States, who now teeters on becoming the former “United States” of America) to stand against the beast, which is to come and rule much of the world, and which is to be ruled by a satanic power.

We have been told that the Rapture would set the stage for this beast, yet what is now happening could be all that is needed to topple this country in much the same way governments have been toppled throughout past history. This country seemingly would be the last domino to fall.

What will you do to stop this? Will revival come to America? And what will happen if we don’t see God intervene? Yet I will say with the Apostle John —

Even so come quickly Lord Jesus.