No more walls, at the border, but what a Socialist America’s version of Siberia would look like. Build the wall around Siberia Alaska in Denali National Park Alaska. They want Socialism, Let’s Give Them A Socialist Solution Called Siberia Alaska

If you are caught crossing the border you are sent to this encampment in Alaska.

If you want to riot, you are rounded up and sentenced to the same camp.

In this camp there are no kind police but only military. They want Socialism give it to them. Show them in that encampment, films of The treatment given by Soviet Socialist Russia (The Soviet Union) of their people who stepped out of line.

Let’s re-educate them about the reality of Socialism and especially if it’s history. Their educators won’t do it. They are revealing the extent of their education by their actions. They know only one side of American or Soviet history. They have been taught nothing of the things done, the sufferings made, to eradicate racism in our free society. They tear down statues to those who freed slaves. I can’t use the term “abolitionists”, they would have no idea of the terms meaning. These are the the recipients of the highest priced education in so many ways in the history of this country. Truly the most uneducated young people in America’s history, filled with hate for their own country which provided them the freedom to protest. Their abuse of this freedom taking liberty not lawfully given to them should be punished in a Socialist encampment in A camp named Siberia Alaska, a camp geared toward completing their education at taxpayer expense. They want free college let’s give it to the the Soviet Socialist way.

“God says don’t seek revenge, that belongs to Him. God says don’t repay evil for evil, but instead to help your enemy.” Quote from Pastor Johnson

The above may be the only way to help these who are proving to be the enemies of freedom within the law, because they transgress outside the law.