What is the place of Righteousness in today’s America?

If men are sinners; then politicians are the cream of the crop. Voting is supposed to be about choosing not sides but a man for office. If we choose a man to vote for, we do that understanding that this process is the selection of the lesser of two flawed individuals. So I may not like everything the candidate stands for, or even who supports him/her, but there are certain lines that I as a Believer in Jesus will not cross with my vote so long as there is a choice.

Today we still have a choice, or do we? This nation is now bordering on voting ourselves into a position of not having a choice.

When politics joins forces with evil, it just may not matter. Today because our politicians who mark the temperature of the nation do not insist on enforcement of the laws that they have implemented we basically are governed by evil.

So what I am against when I vote may not matter? But I am against these things regardless: The murder of babies; I am against those opposed to our freedom to express oneself lawfully, and against those who are against our freedom to believe and sort out the truth as We the people see fit from the context.

The Ten Commandments must for me be upheld in the process of governance. Men being treated equally under the law must be central to this process. Honoring God and reaping what one sows — by their fruits you shall know them, must be considered in this process. World View must be for me a part of this process — I vote based on the platform which unites mankind within our borders vs one which divides by race.

My question: Is one man or party better than another in this process?

You see God does not see race, we all come from one man Adam, and we all are saved if we will be saved by one man Christ Jesus. Man divides us by race, so, which party is best at the dividing and which is best at not seeing a division? Which party wants a one world order and which wants us to continue to offer one nation under God? Which party wants to fund and continue the killing of mainly poor peoples babies vs placing reasonable constraints upon this murderous practice. These are some of the things I look for when choosing the lesser of two flawed candidates or parties with my vote.

God chose David over his brothers to rule, was David a perfect man without sin?

Paul says that a man who does not work should not eat, the exception to that was widows and orphans. Which party wants every man to be paid an equal wage no matter his or her contribution? There is a party that stands against what I look for in a leader. There is no perfect party nor is there a perfect candidate. Both parties make themselves exceptions to our laws just because they are the ruling class for whom the laws are made to be different.

But these are the things I as a Christian and a believer in the scriptures think upon when I vote, and will do so long as I have this God given freedom to vote.

I do not take these freedoms that we still have lightly, I cherish them and therefore I cherish the right that I have to cast my vote. I believe that God will hold me accountable at the judgment for what I do with the vote.

But it appears that even the election and appointment of men who say that they believe as I do on most of these things is no longer mattering in the way that they govern in many cases. The conservative supreme court seems to yield their decisions — for fear of retribution from a lawless liberal leftest rebellion which no one confronts. Should they fear personal retribution? Obviously they should, because no one is willing to police this violent rebellions segment of the population, and thus it grows in rebellion.

To rule today righteously may cost one his family and his life, and unlike our founders the courage to stand is not present in our leaders. Sodom became such a place.