Russian involvement in the 2016 election are being shown to have been caused by the one party which has adopted Communist Socialist Doctrine. So why would it be a contradiction to have a Media which supports that party adopt the Russian Media Propaganda tactics in their actual reporting to this country. The free press is dead in America to the liberal.

Yes Justice for Floyd should be demanded by every American, but killing other policeman is not justice. Destroying property of those who actually support your cause is not justice. Destroying communities of others not your own is not justice.

Justice will only come when Jesus Christ exposes the truth surrounding actors, but unfortunately that will only come following an even greater destruction of society, and of freedoms than those we have yet seen. Jesus knew that this was coming because He is God.

The political destruction of those who are seeking to regain their already bought and paid for power will be so much worse.

Last night the riots calmed down all over the country all at once. How does that happen? The agitators are gone. That’s how. ANTIFA, those who have come in from their upper middle class neighborhoods needed a rest. Or did Soros funding temporarily run dry? But it’s not over. First it was Russia; then impeachment; followed immediately by CoVid-19, which Fauci had predicted before Trumps election; then the riots that the Media and political left have stirred by accusing, as they have done all along, Trump to be racist, and police violence is perpetuated as rampant. How so?

Of the more than 100 killed in police skirmishes in the past year over 80 have been police officers, 9 Blacks and 19 Whites being pursued by police officers. Many of those Police officers were not white, including two on Monday night. Your liberal media showed you nothing of those facts.

If you do not soon wake up middle America you will definitely lose your country which I happen to know that you do love. I know and am friends with some of you. What are the Russian tactics being used by your Media, it’s 90% or more just plain propaganda. Wake up or you my friend will learn to hate me as most of my former liberal black friends whom I still love have done. The truth is becoming more and more obvious each day. Please don’t wake up too late.