There appear to be in excess of 1 million on the streets in Washington DC, and every other major city in the nation today. What will tonight bring. Probably far less than 20,000 will actually do the violence that will be probably done tonight during the time of curfew, after the peaceful are supposedly off the street following their peaceful demonstration.

If the peaceful demonstrators were actually to leave at curfew; then 20,000 is a manageable number. If these demonstrators were so ashamed or concerned that their cause is being hijacked, as we are being told; then they would leave the streets at least before the curfew, and leave the terrorists behind without the protection of these million demonstrators. But they won’t and they don’t.

If the weak Mayors of these cities had not been these weaklings, and had told the demonstrators, that if you are truly peaceful you will obey my order and vacate the streets, if you do not do that we will consider you a terrorist and we will act against you with potentially lethal force and we will not be responsible for your safety. I am giving you 5 daylight hours to demonstrate each day for 1 week, should you be found on the street following those hours or days your life is in your own hands. And to the terrorists on the streets looting after the curfew you will be shot if you are caught looting or destroying property. And we have called in the National Guard to help us with those shootings.

Whatever you do don’t make the mistake of being on the streets after the curfew goes into effect. This violence has got to end, and if you really think that Black and or White lives including your own really matter, then you had best take heed, because my orders are to shoot anyone running with or seeming to be with or interfering with our pursuit of the looters to be shot. Preferably not to kill, but we will be shooting real bullets.

Is there another way to stop this? I don’t think so. Is it worth losing a few lives of lawless people in this war? If you are faced with losing them or an entire country what would be your answer?

Now will any of this happen with our liberal Mayors? No, because this is not about Floyd, this is about the takedown of Trump. You can’t believe that? Then you probably are not praying and that means that we are probably soon to lose this nation of the people and by the people. The life of a Black police officer meant nothing to this mob, nor to the protestors, nor to Joe Biden, who likely will be your next president if the Media and Rich Elite get their way,

The media who hates Trump cares nothing for the Black officer. They won’t even report his death. The endgame for the revolution against freedom has more than begun.