There is strong evidence based on the statistics from other countries that this virus is to the average American no more deadly than most flu and Pneumonia outbreaks. The political side of this virus outbreak, as a story for the history books, is far worse a plague on our society than this virus.

The politicians on the left have run fast and furious in all directions fanning the fires for shutdown in order to win back power which they because of these actions, now do not deserve.

My son Shawn suggested something that I had not given much thought to. He said: “the Democrats really messed up, if they had worked with Trump he would probably have given them much of what they wanted, but because they became his enemy he has been able to see them for who they really are.” You may not see this the same way, but the more I thought about this the more I agreed with that thought.

Trump has changed most of what he had once stood for. He for example had been a pro choice Democrat. And the Democrats have definitely changed things that they had stood for simply in order to oppose him. They had been in favor of the border wall, but as soon as Trump went in they became his worst enemy on that and all other issues. And he has become perhaps because of this opposition much more open to hearing the conservative viewpoints on God and freedom. Thus conservatives have certainly strongly supported him. He has been very open to the Christian world view. But Trump who was once a moderate liberal in political terminology In a sense was forced to the right, happily, even as democrats have happily taken up far left views.

We ask how has all this happened so rapidly. I personally believe that the Holy Spirit has impacted what went on here. Trump has been used to smoke out the enemy of righteousness.

It is now up to the American voter to determine which way they want to be governed. Do they want the country to be free under God. Or do they want the freedom in another way, devoid of God, and full of legalized immorality. The hypocrisy of the far left liberal agenda is being exposed to anyone who has what we call common sense. Jesus, calls this ears to hear and eyes to see.

As I have stated before this election will determine God’s direction with our country and our world. He does not force His ways upon a people or a nation. He does however reach a point of no return, but it appears that that future point will come during the Tribulation when finally repentance is no longer sought by God. We see that transition occur in Revelation 16.

In this age He has allowed wars because of evil. He allows the fall of nations because of evil. He allows change that we do not like to awaken us to the dangers of evil around us.

This virus has been an eye opener to the liberal intentions of handling our freedoms and to the ways they will use any perceived danger to bring about changes that they want, change that the nation has resisted until this point.

I began this article with a statement about the real story about this virus and the reaction to it, which does not justify the extent to which we have seen the left move this world. The following stats came from a David Horowitz article on virus statistics as delivered from other countries who actually keep such statistics. We of course have not. We have more problems with our own statistics than Trump accuses China of having. And this is because of the deep state smoke screen. This virus has obviously been hyped for only one purpose and that to regain power. The real question then must be — has the media willingly created the smokescreen? They certainly are not questioning the inconsistencies. If one considers that the far right is a problem, the far left is much more, because they control the media and the narrative for far too many. The following chart comes from Norway, and is consistent with other countries who have reported on such statistics. They are eye opening and reveal what we have allowed to be done to us through the weapon of fear. Could Trump have resisted this? Not if he did not want to be removed from office, because most of the right was taken in by this fear tactic still being perpetuated by the left.