They think we Americans are really stupid. How can a legitimate News Man argue from such a biased position, because I know that they are not that stupid. So what are they attempting?

Let’s review the Flynn case. It has become a big deal that there has been unmasking requested by many in the Obama Administration. All taking place following Trump’s election. And the unmaskers are now saying that this is perfectly normal behavior for a government who is so concerned about Russian interference in our elections.

So let’s consider why unmasking is to take place. Understand that the person unmasked is a US citizen with constitutional rights. This act occurs when a conversation has occurred between a representative of a foreign government (Russia in this case) whose government is under suspicion, and when in that conversation there is some suspicious language between the parties. When this is the case; then yes, we are to look at that American, who was involved in that discussion. The questionable nature of the discussion demands it.

Is this the case with the Flynn conversation? No, nowhere near it. This is why this is such a big deal. This is why there is such an outrage being made over what has happened here by anyone, who is concerned with individual rights, the rule of law and the constitution.

But Juan and the rest of his progressive media friends only argue the half truth given them by the Dems. They argue the right of Obama’s administration to unmask people during an investigation of Russia — including Flynn. But they will not hear anything that is asked concerning the reason for the unmasking. Was it done because there was even one or two critical incriminating statements made within this phone conversation? Or was it done because you were after the destruction of the Trump administration? There may be other reasons we could come up with that would cause the Democrats to unmask this American when they are in effect preparing to turn over the reins of Government to others. But these two reasons are definitely in play. There are even claims that this American involved was not known to the unmaskers, but the coincidence was that he did happen to be a political enemy, who just happened to later be set up and destroyed by what now is becoming apparent was illegal activity, and just happens to make any thinking person very suspicious, and I might add very angry over the hypocrisy and injustice.

Give us the problems that were discovered in this conversation which caused the need for an unmasking, and we will readily concede to continuing with the Flynn prosecution. Short of that we will demand that those who have put the Trump Administration through almost 4 years of hell be prosecuted. And let me just say that for them to think that we can be led like sheep to the slaughter, when we have a Shepherd who will led us into all truth is a big mistake. That Shepherd in case you don’t recognize this language is Christ the Lord. Thank you Lord for wisdom in the face of evil days.