I don’t like to be cynical, but why should I not call a spade a spade? Intelligent men who “follow the science” Govern the States of New York and Pennsylvania. These men took control of each of their own State’s battles against Coronavirus. They did this not without a “scientific” understanding of just what they were dealing with. We all knew that the CoVid -19 was a killer of certain citizen groups. Number one among them was the elderly.

So, why should these governors know this? They knew it just as we knew it. Washington State which became this nations first epicenter lost most of their CoVid cases in the early going in their nursing homes. That was well known. We already knew from other nation’s statistics that these folks were among the most vulnerable. This is part of the science that these creeps are telling us that we must follow. So why did these two liberal progressive governors, who lost thousands in the nursing homes for their states, do what they did?

Their states are billions of dollars in the red. They are spending hundreds of millions on healthcare for these seniors, who they most likely see as a drain on their state’s economy. Why not take advantage of this another opportunity as the progressive liberals so often do. It is that we should either come to that logical conclusion, or else think them to be totally inept, which they obviously are not. My conclusion is that they are evil. And they are only one election away from taking over this country politically speaking. They are shrewd, conniving liars, who could care less about human rights and the constitution.

You can never make me believe otherwise. They knew the science behind what they were doing. It was without question in this area of just who is most vulnerable to this disease, and they forced CoVid positive patients needing treatment into nursing homes which were unprepared to treat them, or to protect the other residents.

Every nation that has ever fallen has fallen due to a weak moral fiber which permeated its majority. A free press was put in place to guard us from corruption in government, but when the press itself is corrupted there will cease to be a conscience in a free society.

And it seems we need to ask — where are our church leaders today in the midst of all this corruption and deceit?