So, today we are finding that deceivers and liars have attempted a takeover of this country’s government, and they are assisted by a completely corrupt news media, and consequently those liars have by deception gained the favor of perhaps over half of our nation’s population. The sheep are following another shepherd.

Those of us who have lived for more than 50 years know that evil exists in this world. We have seen it in action. Our nation has fought it since its founding. But we never thought that we would see the day that evil could rule here in our beloved country. We were wrong. It’s tentacles are present. One thing that we should know for sure as Bible students, is that when evil does finally take the total reins in this country that it is then that the evil day will have arrived for the world. And all that the liars need is a simple majority.

Who are these liars? – they are National leaders, who are financed and aided by filthy rich entrepreneurs. Some were representing themselves as Democrats, and some were never Trumper Republicans. And some were and still are deeply hidden within the bureaucracy. They are all deceivers. They have a hidden agenda, and it’s hidden for a reason. They have evil intentions. They at some point rationalized their lies thinking that what they do is for the greater good. Problem is they themselves are deceived by the deceiver himself.

They think:

“Take down Trump and no one will ever know that what we were saying and doing was a coup against our own nation’s constitution, and against the public’s right by that constitution to choose its own leaders.” But what went wrong? They so far have not made what they wanted a reality. And as more and more people began to object to their goal and to their methods, they only become more determined to deceive.

They can’t quit now. They have gained the support of the people representing the media. These are men and women who had originally allowed themselves to be taken in by the lies, but who now believe that there is safety within the numbers even though they have been delinquent in performing their main function — to find and report the truth. Now there is no face saving. They are guilty. So more rationalization, believing that they represent the majority position in this country they will continue to support the liars. If allowed to continue they will work with and become the tyrants.

Who will win? Will they win? Even if they just think so, that thought becomes an empowering position for them. One that only feeds and leads to more lies – more deception.

Right now they are in their own minds fully empowered to join in with the deception that has been perpetuated by evil men to evil men.

Trouble is the perceptions have been perpetuated without evidence. The evidence now mounts against them, but will it change the public opinion? It all is beyond reasonable unless you understand Bible prophecy. But why do you need to understand these things if you are not going to be here to warn others and to protect your own friends and family with the truth. It seems that our young people still do not understand these things.

Ephesians 6:13 Therefore, take up the full armor of God, so that you will be able to resist in the evil day, and having done everything, to stand firm. (NASB)

Our evil day has been forming for years, and now it is close upon us. If you have not yet put on your armor, it is never too late to do so. Get into the word. Believe it it is true. Don’t let deceivers explain it away. It, “the truth”, is too important in your armor, to allow a twisting of it to become a chink.