After reporting on several quotes concerning what progressives are planning for our day, and even stating that some believe that we are already in the Tribulation, then Terry says:

“ But, Jesus told His disciples—and us by extension—that for believers (such as those immediate disciples who were just about to go into the Church Age or Age of Grace) that the end wasn’t yet.

The Lord prophesied that before the era of Tribulation comes, believers will live during a time when all the signals He foretold will BEGIN to come to pass (Luke 21:28). He told believers to look up and lift their heads in anticipation when these things BEGIN to come to pass, because He, their Redeemer (the blessed hope). was coming to rescue them.”

Terry in the title to this article poses the question “who to believe”. So, is what Terry said here what Jesus said, or is this what Terry hopes He said? Jesus said when you begin to see these things lift up your head for your redemption draweth neigh. What He did not say was: “for I am coming to rescue you”, your redemption draweth neigh.

If you have been a believer for some time you have heard that Jesus coming is imminent, and that it would occur before His stated coming to earth, but Jesus did not tell us that His coming was before His coming. Let me put that another way: that His coming for us is 7 years before His coming to earth. The things that He told about His coming are the signs of His coming. And He did tell us to look up when these signs are observed, what we are to look up for is debatable. Terry goes on:

“He even told us what that time will be like. It will be a time of buying, selling, marrying, planting, and building. He said nothing of worldwide depression. It will be just like the days of Lot when He will next ‘reveal’ Himself in a spectacular moment. It will be a time of extreme wickedness, but with commerce and even hedonistic pleasures humming right along. That’s what Lot’s day was like, we know, from reading Genesis chapter 19.

So let me get this straight. Jesus coming is imminent (we are to be right now looking for Him) but somehow this pandemic has put that coming on hold because He will not come during this economic and social shutdown. Terry’s position over his many posts is that it must be the Rapture and not an economic catastrophe that will usher in Tribulation. So therefore his implication is that this is not the time of Jesus coming, because things are not normal as the were in Lot’s day, and in Noah’s day. “who to believe” Terry goes on:

“It cannot be claimed, and I certainly do not say, that things right now look in any way rosy. They do not. I fully understand the reasons for many at this moment fearing the nation and the world will at any moment collapse into apocalyptic rubble.

But I prefer to believe Jesus and His promises over any news report, ideology, or religious wind of doctrine. He is our One, True Reliance.

He has promised to keep His own out of the time of Tribulation (Revelation 3:10).”

He prefers to believe Jesus, but does he really? Dispensationalists who claim to be literalist’s have this deceptive habit of attributing statements, which were never made in scripture, to people in scripture. Here Terry says that ‘He’ (Jesus) has promised to keep His own out of the time of Tribulation (Revelation 3:10).”

Again this is not what Jesus said. Read the verse. If we truly believe Jesus, and incidentally He is who we are to believe; then as Terry and the rest of us should all do, let’s consider all that He stated rather than to build our understanding on just our own rendering of just a couple of passages or verses, which have been restated. The fact is that Jesus never stated what Terry claims. It is all based upon much speculation.

This blog is here to help you look to scripture to actually think on what it does and does not record concerning what is being taught. Do I know that our economy will recover from this shut down? — No. does Terry? — he says that he does, but his statement does not prove His position. The Holy Spirit inspired the writing of Scripture, and He is our teacher. He tells us to study and ask for understanding. His teaching us will not contradict other scripture that He has Himself inspired. There are many scriptures that need to be considered when making the determination about the timing of the rapture in relation to other events in the scripture.

If you are open to considering the scriptures on this “Rapture when” topic; then click on the link below and read the several posts there which all relate to different scriptural revelations on this subject.

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