The FED from the time even before its inception has been considered to be the enemy of Americans and freedom. So Greg Rosalsky’s article has to peak ones interest:

“As the global economy shuts down, the U.S. Federal Reserve has begun sending billions of dollars to central banks all over the world. Last month, it opened up 14 “swap lines” to nations such as Australia, Japan, Mexico, and Norway. A “swap line” is like an emergency pipeline of dollars to countries that need them. The dollars are “swapped,” i.e., traded for the other country’s currency. The Fed has also started allowing around 170 foreign central banks that hold U.S. Treasury bonds to temporarily exchange them for dollars.”

But will this work? And what is the endgame?

“The developing world needs more than just short-term swaps of currency to avert what could become a humanitarian catastrophe. They need long-term loans, grants, and debt relief. And, for that, the burden falls mostly on the IMF, the World Bank, and elected officials in rich countries. Last week, there was small progress on this front. But there is still much to do.”

A world of debt is being created and the debt is to be held in the hands of just a few within the FED and the IMF.

“These swap lines and lending facilities are all kinda shrouded in the mysterious and confusing language of central bankers, which is probably why many people haven’t been paying attention. But to some, like historian Adam Tooze, the Fed accepting its position as a de facto global lender of last resort has represented something like a revolution in the world’s financial system.”

So will the the revolution that is occurring be the forerunner for our prophetic ending?

Quotes taken from: the article

Why Is The Fed Sending Billions Of Dollars All Over The World?

April 21, 20206:30 AM ET