Why are Sweden’s numbers as good as the US statistically when there has been no shut down?

Early on in this pandemic the numbers were suggesting themselves to be more like a bad flu epidemic. I had looked at those numbers and questioned total shut down in this post


Then I posted this:


What has happened has happened, and we cannot change it. But we can evaluate and attempt to get to the bottom of why it happened.

God allows things to happen only for reason. Many times that reason is not obvious. But in a world wide pandemic the reason must involve us all. The world without God has grown since World War Two much bolder in its opposition to His laws of life and procreation (His laws of nature). His own people have ignored His truths, after all what can you expect from the world. The world will be the world. But then the church began to buy into the ways of the world; and then the church at many levels began to adopt the ways of the world. And through it all the church has in many ways refused to honor Him in its mission. Because truth has also through this process become unknowable. The truth of the gospel has wained. Each man discerning his own truth, and ignoring the word of God in the process. Largely because the word of God has come to be ignored, the call for repentance has not gone out from what may be considered Christian in name only world leaders on a worldwide basis, and there is still suffering. On the whole what we see does resemble the end of the age warnings.