I know that Many of you, not all, will go on believing otherwise. Which tells us many things.  Among them just how far the Russian influence has penetrated our truth.  Among them just how little influence God’s prophetic word has on this generation. 

This information should make one mad, but my first reaction is sorrow not anger. Sorrow for the loss of a nation that at one time cherished the Bible and  truth over denominations and politics; for a nation that had not lost her media to Russian Godless propaganda. 

Questions not being pursued by our media are revealing. Right now evidence is showing that this virus was known and even tested in the Congo before it was released on the world.  I have posed many questions on this blog that I write about this virus; questions which are not being asked by the media. 

We live in a world that seemingly cares nothing about how God predicts it’s end, but He does predict it’s end, and His word is proving to be correct concerning His predictions, but I am sorrowful not mad, because men in mass will not turn to Him for answers. That is the fact as presented in scripture, but it does not need to be yours. 

Some of us believers only want to hear and speak about Jesus love for us, but as important as that is, it is not all that He stands for. He is the admonisher of our walk. He gave John the message in the book of the Revelation. If you read just the first three chapters, you will know that there is more to Him than many of you are now considering Him to be. 

Words are powerful, use them well. Not mine, not yours,  but only God’s truth matters. 


But they used it to obtain FISA warrants anyway
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