The Celebration of The Resurrection amid a World of Unbelievers

Jesus is Alive each and everyday, we as believers observe this fact every day as we honor Him, seeking in prayer His wisdom for another day. This Easter there will be more secular persons around the globe who will miss the Easter egg hunts, the family time and yes even perhaps one of the twice a year church services.

But what is it that you miss as a believer? Is it the preaching of the word where men without understanding come to see Him and believe? Is it God in the midst of two or three who are gathered together? Is it the communion of the saints? Is it the gathering together all the more as you see that day approaching?

True believers will worship Him even in the midst of a pandemic.

This in fact is in some ways a more special Easter than we have seen before. This is a time in which we are being made aware of our separation from and unto Christ from a world in which He is becoming almost irrelevant to a communion with the body of Christ where He is praised without end. Have a happy Resurrection Celebration today and every day.