Quotes if any From Terry are taken from the above article. This is part 2 of a 4 part series. They are all now published. It is best that you read them in order.

In yesterday’s post I stated that there is disunity in church teaching on this doctrine concerning when the Rapture is to come. Obviously there is disunity on the other doctrines as well; even concerning our salvation. Terry states:

“[B]ecause all in this nation will have heard the Gospel. Beyond that stupendous event, some will have no chance to be saved from damnation. They will be lost for all eternity.”

And I stated my concern over what this will do to the saved during the Tribulation. Here I will give my reasons.

Terry proposes a “what if” I will propose to you a “what if when”.

What if when you awaken on some not too distant future morning and the world around you seems to have crumbled. The government of the United States has given itself over to the United Nations and a New World order. This action was taken because national economies have collapsed, there is vast unemployment, and rioters have overrun the cities. There is a new charismatic leader in the UN who has a solution to restore peace, part of that solution involves peace in the Middle East between Israel and the Palestinians.

This is a situation that will one day play out, but the twist is that unlike what you have believed all your life, you are still present, and so is the rest of the church.

The church in all of its disunity of doctrine still remains, no Rapture has occurred. The Pope has taken his place as a religious leader along side of this charismatic One. He is proclaiming that Christ is coming soon to establish peace among the religions of the world. He is stating that His temple will be rebuilt in Jerusalem where He [the Christ] will then return.

You are confused. Have you missed the Rapture, or were you just wrong about it? And if you were wrong what else in your belief system were you wrong about. World leaders are bringing peace from all the Chaos. They are actually making sense. They are putting away dissidents, rioters and religious alike into re-education camps. They are gathering up all religious documents including the Bible in order to disseminate one truth.

When this happens, you mr/Mrs/Miss Christian will have a choice, one thing is for certain you must change what you believe and in so doing you will be pulled in two separate ways. One voice God’s Holy Spirit will say you must repent and follow my word, something that you have refused to do totally up until now. The other voice will say forget the Bible, for God is the God over all the world and it’s religions. Men that you knew, and whom you thought to be strong in their faith have already as time has passed, followed that second voice, others are gathering secretly with their Bibles and they are studying in secret. Will you join them? Your confusion exists because your faith was built upon a belief about what men have told you that the Bible says; rather than a Belief in what the Bible actually states. Your faith is in Jesus isn’t it? Your foundation has crumbled and you are vulnerable. Since your beliefs have been wrong thus far what should you now believe.

“Hear” some of these your thoughts on that day: “Has the rapture occurred and I am left?”. “If it has occurred am I already lost?”; “If the church doctrines that I followed failed me is there really truth in biblical doctrine?” “Should I go with those who are meeting in secrete or should I turn them in?” “If I go with them will my brother who has already left the church turn me in?” “Is he right? He says that we were wrong about Jesus, Jesus died for everybody every religion, and that he is coming back to His temple once it is built in Jerusalem.”

In my next post Part 3, you will find out what you did if you were one for whom Jesus prayed in John 17.

6 Many will come in My name, saying, ‘I am He!’ and will mislead many. Mark 13:6 NASB