Perhaps it does, for there is every evidence of a moral fever effecting this planet.

The choices that we make individually and in many cases collectively (nationally and worldwide) can be life and death choices before God.

If enough of us choose what is right, for this nation that will lead to great blessings, but if enough of us choose what is wrong that will only lead to a prophesied cursing. Remember even Daniel was lead away into captivity when Israel fell to Babylon.

So it has been that way all throughout human history. Great empires have fallen because they consistently made the wrong choices.

When America falls, it will most likely mean the fall of the world, for we are now pursuing the footsteps of the world. When it occurs it will be because of what we have done to ourselves. I know that some of you don’t like hearing that, but God would that every man come to a knowledge of the truth even as I wrote in my last post. There is truth about morals as well as about our salvation. Good Morals can be practiced even by unsaved peoples. And bad morals can be practiced even by a saved people. Is their this evidence of moral decay in this country?

There are definite signs that the social decay in America is worse than it has ever been before…

The number of Americans dying due to a drug overdose has reached an all-time record high.

According to our own State Department, the United States is ranked #1 in the entire world in sex trafficking.

Today, approximately 40 percent of all babies in America are born to unmarried women. And remember this is not taking into consideration the babies who are aborted, which one would think would be mostly attributed to unmarried women.

It may be possible to make the claim that Downtown San Francisco is now filthier than downtown Mumbai, India.

This week we heard that an organizer for Bernie Sanders was recently caught on camera saying that U.S. cities will “burn” if President Trump wins again in November.  This is today a mindset that justifies and maybe even encourages violence in order to gain power over other members of a “free” society.

In one year, 17 million more American adults were diagnosed as having “a major depressive disorder”.

Some who had argued for the removal of God and the Bible from our education system in the past would agree that this Christianity was a form of brainwashing. And they may have had a point because Gods word is according to Jesus meant to cut and divide. It certainly is intended to cut us off from destructive actions which will if not seen for what they are keep us from turning to God. The helmet of salvation alone can guard our minds from destructive thinking, which leads to destructive actions.

If this nation does not turn we will sooner rather than later see the things associated with the book of the Revelation come to pass. How should you and I react to that fact. I’m not sure what our reaction will be, but John after he had been shown these things by the Lord, and penned them for our understanding stated: “even so come Lord Jesus”. Observing that these things may be coming is that also our attitude? I seriously doubt it, because today much of the church cry’s out for a completely different result than that recorded by John.

That portion of the church today would abdicate the responsibility that God has given them to spread the word; to pray for the lost; to pray for their enemies; to spread the gospel; to suffer for Christ, and they would turn over that responsibility to whom for a world that will be in even more desperate need of Christ than it is today. Just how will the people’s who are to be saved in the world of that day come to know Him? For surely they will know Him.

Revelation 12:11 And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death. (KJV)