There are four Scriptural truths involved in the understanding of the Raptures timing. And then the other Scriptures that we have taught on here before align with these truths.

#1.Only in Christ can any man throughout the age from the time of creation come to be among the resurrection of the righteous. (1 Cor.15)

#2. There is no distinction between men who are in Christ Jew or Gentile. (Eph. 2; Rom 4:13-17) and many others that we have taught on here on this blog.

#3. The resurrection of all who die in Christ must precede the Rapture (1 Thess.4). Paul makes clear that the dead in Christ will resurrect first before the rapture.

#4. Many Tribulation Saints will die and these will be in the first resurrection of the righteous. (Rev.12:17 & 19:6-7 & 20:4-6). It must be concluded from scripture if it is to be taught that these who die during the Tribulation are not in Christ.

Based on these truths does it not make sense to hold to a post resurrection Rapture of all who are alive in Christ following the first resurrection, which would make this a post Tribulation Rapture.

Biblical truth will always align in support of any given Doctrine that is of God. Remember doctrine is supposed to be scriptural truth. For example it is said of God in Scripture that He would that all men come to a knowledge of the truth. Why does He want us to know truth? — because He is truth, and Truth cannot contradict itself (Himself).

So we need to understand that truth is mined from the scriptures, and it compliments itself. If we misinterpret it it becomes contradiction to us.

who desires all men to be saved and to come to the knowledge of the truth. 1 Timothy 2:4

If God wants “all men” to come to truth then it must be possible to do that. the people of God are one people. This is one of the universal truths of Scripture. This is seen represented in the Olive tree; in the body of Messiah; in the Saints; in the one new man. 1 Cor 15 makes this concept clear when Paul states that in Adam all men fell and in Christ all men are made alive to immortality. This making alive is taught as the resurrection. So if anyone is ever saved out from this fallen state of mankind it is because they have been placed in Christ. Christ is another word for Messiah. Israel’s Messiah is the one who saves us.

We are descendants of Abraham by faith, and part of the commonwealth of Israel (Eph.2).

The blessing of Abraham was passed on to Jacob.

May God Almighty bless you and make you fruitful and multiply you, that you may become a company of peoples. May He also give you the blessing of Abraham, to you and to your descendants with you, that you may possess the land of your sojournings, which God gave to Abraham.” Genesis 28:3-4 NASB. In Gen 17 Abraham was made the father of a multitude of nations. The salvation of man through the seed of woman (Gen. 3:15) did not exclude the Gentiles. Abraham and his clan up to and including Jacob were all out of the Gentiles. Many more from the Gentiles were included in the lineage of Messiah. Paul makes clear that men of faith from all nations belong to Abraham’s promise (Rom.4:13-17).

Scripture is unified in a post Tribulation, or post Resurrection Rapture. These both point to the exact same point in time.

In revelation 19, the bride is made ready following the Tribulation.

The wrath of God is not the Tribulation. God’s wrath is promised for all men who are outside looking in on Christ. It could not be the 7 year tribulation; as the dispensationalist would try to make us believe. How is it possible to make that leap. We go from Gods wrath being promised to all who are without Christ to a 7 year Tribulation which has not even yet seen the resurrection of all who are in Christ much less the resurrection of those who are outside of Christ. And that Tribulation is to equal Gods wrath that we are promised to miss?

The dead in Christ will rise first, and then…. that is a difficult hurdle to get around.