We all too often hold hostage what only becomes so amazing when we set it free. Once I came face to face with the realization of how much God really loved me — my heart, my soul was not big enough to contain it. His love was overflowing my entire being. The acceptance of God’s love unleashes it to work not only in us but for others. Otherwise — How can we ever love the Lord Our God with all our heart unless we first experience His love unleashed in our heart, and then from our heart it pours out to others.

Recently our son Shawn shared with me how he had been challenged by God’s love for him, and it took me back to the very time that I had also experienced this same Amazing overpowering revelation in my own life. I was so overwhelmed and overcome by the realization and reality of God’s love for me that there was no way possible for me to hold it in and capture it. Only by releasing it did it continue to flow to me.

Over time It gradually became evident to me that by retaining it just for myself, and not releasing it to others, that it became weak and diluted within me. And the result was realized in Jesus message to Ephesus. “You have left your first love”. Notice this love did not stop flowing. God cannot be stopped. His love, His forgiveness, His mercy flows like a river, but you and I can walk away from that river, and lose it’s effect.

When you make God responsible for your woes you are drinking from Satan’s Ocean, and it will kill your spirit. It’s salt will clog up and pollute the love that you selfishly retain. When you think that this love is only for you — you are so special. It is then that we cut off the flow of Gods love through us, and our joy soon fades. Yes, I have experienced that as well.

How is it again released, by praying for the lost, the backslidden, and your enemies. God has placed them in your path so that His love can flow to them through you. If your heart goes out to them in love, yours has become the heart of God. They will see Him in you. You are the possessor of a new heart. We have been given the right to become the sons of God. Repent and open the clogged pipes of the rivers source and that river will flow freely through you to others. Never again allow the lure of the Ocean to pollute the river. And rivers of living water will flow from your inner most being. He is love, and without Him we are nothing.