As I now think about what is happening between the House and Trump it is apparent that this situation is effecting far more than our own country. Trumps recent actions against Iran are being challenged by Speaker Pelosi.

Again, I hate to say what I’m about to say, but based on what is now happening with the limitation being considered of Trumps power to engage this enemy we probably will see a much worse effect, than what it intends. At present Iran has “saved face and stood down”. Why have they done this? Speculation is that they fear this president. But if the presidents power to act is limited does that not remove that fear and place us in worse shape than we were before his action?

As I have said before in this country with our media situation, perhaps for us the very worst Iranian act of retaliation against those of us in this country would be to take action against the few in number who are conservative media news personalities who still seem to believe in God and His blessings on our country.

President Trump often names these who support him and his Administration’s agenda, against the actions of those in congress and the media. The fact that these are still out to take him down makes our nation seem much weaker in the eyes of any and all enemies of the US.

We become even more prone to attack within the homeland when we are perceived to be weak. Remember:

“Former CIA operations officer, Sam Faddis, warned that Hezbollah sleeper cells were hiding in the U.S. and potentially had targets in its sights.

‘It is more than possible that Hezbollah has sleeper cells in the United States ready to strike,’ Faddis told

‘Based on what we know we must assume they do and that they can hit targets on U.S. soil at anytime without warning.’”

If the Iranian’s, who control Hezbollah, want to take revenge because they perceive Trump to be weakened, this would seriously embolden Iran. And if Trump’s only media supporters would be his greatest loss, and ours as what they perceive to be Christians (the great Satan); then what better and more vulnerable target could they find to bring destruction to their enemy. I also said this before, but without a conservative media the Democrats would own the media, and virtually the country. Socialism would come to The US almost overnight.

But what does God intend to allow for this country. Time will tell, but if further retaliation does come from Iran, it will not be because Trump is strong and takes action against our enemies, but because our Congress is weak and ties his hands making him weak as well.

The thing that remains certain is that Iran occupies the land called Persia in the Bible and as such she will play a major role in the prophetic end time future of the world. And Many believe that the US is not even mentioned in Scripture during that coming time.

There is one other certainty. Iran is a hard hearted doomed instrument in the hand of God, for He has said concerning the seed of Abraham: “I will bless those who bless you and curse those who curse you.” This was His promise to any and all who interact with Israel, and her seed.

Iran’s fate is already sealed. But if there is to be a downfall for The United States, it is well on its way.