I am taking time out from writing about the armor needed to stand in the evil day to write about my concern for our present day. We are faced with the real possibility of a Nation’s demise into lawlessness simply because the political party pushing Impeachment has the complete backing or control of the news media.

The Nation is now divided down party lines with the media being blind in their support of the Democrats position on Impeachment. The devastating thing that could result should this scenario persist would be a total disregard for the law concerning this President’s impeachability.

It is possible that the majority in our nation would come to a decision having arrived at a place of total disregard for this nations laws on this matter. If this were to happen, it could be highly possible for the Republican Party to cave in this very serious matter.

At present there is only one party plus a few from the other, who are standing for the traditional rule of law based upon our constitution and our written laws. There is only one party mostly seeing right being right and wrong being wrong. But we have already entered into a time in our Nations history when the lines of right and wrong are blurred, and in some instances they are blurred beyond recognition.

We are seeing a move away from what America has traditionally stood for, and with it a move away from a biblical world view. Already the laws of the land are ignored and are not enforced in many areas simply because public opinions have been eventually swayed. This method of mind manipulation on the part of the elite controlled media has taken us so far down a dark crooked path that there may be no turning away from it.

Our times are becoming more diabolical. As a nation we may be facing the evil day of Ephesians 6. Pray for the persecuted church. Pray for our nation.