In 2016 after “Declaring for president, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz told a crowd at Liberty University, the Virginia institution founded by evangelist Jerry Falwell: “Today roughly half of born-again Christians aren’t voting. They’re staying home. Imagine instead millions of people of faith all across America coming out to the polls and voting our values.”

I have spoken with some of these who do not vote, and they believe that Christians have no business in politics. Jesus did not engage in the politics of His day.

But is voting for values as Cruz has said engaging in politics, or is it supporting what you pray for? Or do these Christians not pray for our government and those in power?

It is difficult to understand why in a Nation where freedom is given to all that all who are believers in a God given freedom to effect their destiny would not use that freedom — unless.

Is it possible that our doctrine effects our exercise of the vote? If we believe that The Sovereign God has given us no free will in our salvation, then does this not carry over into how things progress in our world?

On the other hand if God in His sovereignty has given us free will to either obey or disobey, does that imply the freedom to impact our surroundings? Our laws? The teaching of our children in our schools? And other important issues such as the sanctity of life?

“in the world but not of the world” — what does that mean? Does it mean that we are to have no impact on the world, or does it mean that we are not to engage in the worlds sin?

The fact is that if believers in the Biblical principals of morality voted as a block we would be living in a much more moral nation. We would even put up a more moral leadership in our nation. The desires of the hearts of men would be impacted by its leaders. There would be restraint upon Government, and its laws, and upon its people.

I’ll be interested in your comments.