You may have noticed that the History Channel has become more involved with speculative history based on an Ancient Aliens theory, that challenges todays Bible interpretations.

To the Ancient Alien Theorist we are fast approaching an exodus from planet earth.

We are as humans to become more like these Alien gods. We are to be reunited with them in the stars, thus becoming space travelers ourselves.

They speak of convergence when these God’s will return as the space travelers who they truly are — revealing themselves as our creators.

They present The constellation code as partial proof.

The Glastonbury zodiac is the Zodiac etched into the land in England? How it got there though unknown is strongly believed to support their theory.

Among the facts that they present is what was called in Ancient times the heavenly

Script, the Zodiac.

It has been observed over time that in every culture there is evidence of the Zodiac.

In their own view what they are presenting is aiding in the unlocking of secretes from the past leading to the discovery of “truth”.

The newly discovered Dogerland off the east coast of England is believed to be the lost Atlantis, where Ancient space travelers founded their colony on earth. Ancient Keltics had myths concerning the gods sexually interacting with woman. Giants came about as a result of these unions.

Michael Collins, who is one of many contributing Theorists, was drawn to the Glastonbury zodiac by visions and dreams suggesting to him that some other worldly beings are communicating messages to us humans. Glastonbury is what is known as a hot spot for sightings of extra terrestrial contact.

So what has been the foundation of the Believer in a Superior all powerful Sovereign God, is now thought to be Myth, while the Myths of the Ancients point to an ancient humanoid culture as our true founding. The true religion is today springing from a “new revelation” hidden all along in plain sight on the surface of the earth and within the pages of the Bible.

Christians would know these experiences to be not extraterrestrial but Luciferian.

But these same Christians are seen as unenlightened, and as being a hindrance to the quest for truth.

We are in the age of Aquarius.

They see the zodiac as one of the keys to understanding our times and to the enlightenment of mankind.

There is even now a theory of a single Alien’s return. One who was worshiped by the Egyptians, and seen as the one god behind the sun. What may I ask might his mission be?

Today flying Saucers and Ancient Aliens are just another theory, but what will they be when Satanic powers are unleashed upon this earth which have the potential to deceive even the very elect. This is what the truth of the Scriptures is telling us will happen in a future, which seems to be drawing ever closer.