Tim, I’m back. I am one who appreciates Jesus’ inclusivity. Why, because I too am a sinner who needs forgiveness. I even believe that sexual sin can be forgiven, no matter what it’s nature; but in this post you make a great leap from Jesus accepting homosexuals because He is inclusive of all sinners, to homosexuality not being a sin. And therein is the problem with homosexuals, who’s sin God calls an abomination. I can readily accept the homosexual into the fellowship of believers who just like the adulterers come in and seek God’s forgiveness and sincerely want God’s help in conquering their sin. Both are in the bondage to sin, and only God through His grace can change that fact. He can take a sinner and transform them from bondage to freedom, but if I say I am not a sinner as do many homosexuals today concerning this sin; then God cannot Help Them, because there is no repentance.
There are those who say that repentance is not necessary for forgiveness, but I am not one of those. Jesus makes many promises in chapters 2 and 3 of Revelation to overcomers, He makes none that I can find in scripture to those who refuse to acknowledge their sin. An overcomer must acknowledge that he/she has something to overcome.

Jesus Without Baggage

When I began to consider whether God accepted gays, I started studying. One advocate stated definitively that Jesus himself accepted gays. This was very encouraging and I listened eagerly for the evidence because I couldn’t think of any scriptures to support the statement.

Jesus Teaching by the Sea, James TissotFortunately, an opponent pushed her on the question. ‘How do you know?’, they asked. I waited for scriptural support, but instead the advocate responded: ‘He was inclusive.’

Since she supplied no proof-texts, I was unconvinced; but I continued to deliberate on it.

Are There Accepted Gays in the Bible?

Some advocates identify a gay man in Jesus’ ministry. Matthew 8 tells the story of a centurion who asked Jesus to heal his paralyzed servant, and Jesus healed him. The issue hinges on the fact that the word translated ‘servant’ can also mean a youth who is the male lover of an older man, a common…

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