I could not agree more with this one of Terry’s articles except for the last sentence. God will of course allow the crisis in His perfect timing, but unless scripture is meaningless it will not be the Rapture that brings it into being for one basic reason. The Rapture must follow the resurrection of all who are in Christ. Both those who sleep and those who are alive must be in Christ in order to see the kingdom age. Paul says for as by one man Adam all die, so also by one man Christ all will be made alive. Even so come Lord Jesus.

Terry James Prophecy Line

Obama, when president, made the statement, in effect, that anyone who tells us the economic situation in the United States was not getting better was “peddling fiction.” This he said despite the fact that the debt clock was ticking and continues to tick at a rate that will soon have Americans and generations to come owing beyond $20 trillion.

At the same time, the election of Donald Trump and his economic acumen and action indeed has begun a boom. None-the less, extrapolated out over an extended number of years, some economists are saying unfunded liabilities of this nation amount to in excess of $200 trillion.

Like it or not, believe it or not, you and I are being swept along by the tide of human history toward something profoundly ominous. Hourly news accounts, no matter how much they’ve presented an improving economic picture, Trump’s opposition engender fearful concerns about things…

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