What does it mean to have the Savior of His own creation tell Peter that he is blessed because he has recognized Him as the Messiah of Israel and the Son of God? What does it mean when Jesus Himself proclaims in the Scriptures that this salvation that some Gentiles have come to possess is of the Jews? What does it mean when Jesus proclaims His own body and blood to be the body and blood of a Jewish covenant — what is called The New Covenant? What does it mean when Paul tells us that we as Gentile believers are grafted into a tree who’s natural branches are Jewish?

The simple answer to these questions seems obvious, yet the teachings of the leadership within the church has evolved doctrines which are not in keeping with this simple truth. Thus much of what is taught and believed today is opposed to the simple concept of one new man in Christ Jesus as it is taught in scripture.

Think of it not only is the cornerstone of this New Covenant salvation the Messiah of the Jews, but the foundation stones in the building of the New Jerusalem are Jewish, as are its gates.

We are grafted in because of our belief in the Jewish Messiah, we are sustained by the root of this tree who is Jesus. In order to understand the Truths or doctrines of scripture this simple truth must be understood — we are grafted into a Jewish faith. Abraham believed God and it was accounted unto him as righteousness. This simple truth effects our understanding and our future, and its almost total disregard explains the disunity that exists within this body of Jewish and Gentile believers who are joined as one.

The articles on this blog only make sense when the foundation of our salvation is understood.

Can a church divided stand? Is this why? — Jesus states:

10 At that time many will fall away and will betray one another and hate one another.

Matthew 24:10 NASB

It would seem that Jesus wants us to understand His truth, for without it He says that our building is erected upon the sand and cannot stand when the storm comes. Natural Branches were cut from Israel because they did not understand scripture, they did not know who Jesus is. But knowing scripture cannot happen without His Spirit leading and teaching us. Lord I pray that you will fill your body with your Holy Spirit that we will become unified and strong for the days ahead.