When I read Phil’s Article, quoted from below, I could not help but think of this in terms of final outcome.

(Excerpt from an article by Phil Hart) “[A]t the beginning America had a limited form of government, limited by what Thomas Jefferson referred to as “the chains of the Constitution”.

How is that working out for us today? Not so good I would say. Referring to the CIA’s World Fact Book (https://www.cia.gov/library/publications/the-world-factbook/), we see that the government of the United States is the biggest government in the world at $3.893 trillion in budgeted annual expenditures. China is second at $2.897 trillion. Japan is third at $1.931 trillion. And Germany is fourth at $1.484 trillion. Recently demonized Russia isn’t even in the top 10 at $286 billion per year, just one fourteenth the size of our budget.

In fact, in all of recorded history, the government of the United States is the biggest government the human race has ever seen on Planet Earth!” Taken from His article, Uncle Sam is Biggest Brother. Authored by Phil Hart – candidate for state representative in Idaho’s 7th legislative district.

As I pondered this one fact — the size of budget, and remember in recent years we have expended at times 1 trillion in excess of budget, I conceded that in the end this government must fail. It is not a question of will it fail, but of when. After all history tells us that all governments eventually fail. The land mass does not disappear when it fails, the people do not disappear. What happens is a chaotic consequence.

When this collapse occurs what will be the fate of the people, and what will be the outcome for the world? There is an end game planned for this world, that God is fully aware of, and that He will allow to take place. We live in a cause and effect world. God does not determine the cause, but the effect will occur based on the cause. It is certain based on His laws. When man yields to certain actions based on his desires; When the restraint placed upon the desires of man by God are lifted due to man’s own total disregard of God and His laws, then the final effect or outcome is set in motion.

With God’s Law the rains will fall on the good and the evil alike. A law that Jesus pointed out clearly when He was here, that I will just call the law of persecution, tells us that as followers of Him we will be persecuted. The disciples expected to be persecuted, and they were. But, today we have been conditioned otherwise. Amidst their persecutions they held to the blessed hope that one day they would see Jesus. We are conditioned to believe that we will not see the time of trouble that is sure to come for all men, because God will not let us see it. Do you really know what it is that you as a follower of Christ are really promised to be kept from.