A stark reminder of the journey required by most of us to come face to face with the Real Jesus.

Reminded me of my own walk, for such a long time I knew Jesus was real to others. I knew that He had existed long ago. I knew that if I ever met Him person to person, that I would never be the same. So I knew a lot, I even had some very high expectations. But on my road I was the conductor and the engineer. I knew what salvation was supposed to be like. I saw it in others. Trouble was I wanted their experience, to be my own and not my own. I didn’t like my own.

You see I was a sinner and knew it. I wasn’t good enough for Jesus to love. How could He love someone like me? I was a whitewashed tombstone. I was clean cut, thought to be pure as dial soap, but somebody that even I did not like on the inside. This was my life. I even attended Church regularly. Made sure Ellen got saved so I wouldn’t be “unequally yoked”, I started thinking that this was as good as it would ever get in this life.

Then something happened, not all at once, but my attention turned slowly away from my despicable self as I developed a genuine interest in God’s word. I couldn’t get enough of it. And then while He had my mind off myself guess what. That’s right I meet Him person to person. And I gave Him what I didn’t think he would ever want. Enjoy the movie, it will take you back to your roots.