First virtually no one really cares — do they? todays Christian barely has time to concern themselves with the study of His word, and certainly there is not time for reading stuff that may challenge our way of thinking. So why would they want to read these posts? –and if they do they don’t have time get involved.


Then there are some who just don’t care because it just really becomes too confusing. They believe that Jesus is the Son of God, that He came and laid down His life as payment for their sin, He arose from the dead, and will come back one day to raise the earthly dead. And frankly they don’t need to or care to get entangled in all of that controversial stuff that seems to divide Christians. They just don’t care to. After all no one can really know the truth anyway.


They don’t care because it’s really not that important anyhow. Study is something that they do either because it is forced upon them, or it’s some subject that really interests them, and quite frankly what they hear in Church on Sunday is thought provoking enough. They often come away with more questions than answers and this is enough testing of their faith to last the entire week.


Some don’t care because they have been in church all their life and they know what they believe and any one who challenges that belief is just a tool of Satan.


They don’t care that they live in the greatest time of government corruption that we have seen in the modern era, and it just has to play out, and we really can’t make any difference anyhow.


They don’t care because tolerance is the only message we need to hear today. There is already too much discord and intolerance in our society, and anyone who doesn’t believe that well they are just not understanding God’s Love. God loves all of His creatures. Just give me the love everybody message. We all have the right and freedom to do and believe what we want.


They don’t care because you can’t really know the truth anyway. Jesus is all the truth they need. They ask: what’s the matter with these people who think that they are the only ones who understands truth. After all you can make God’s word support almost any teaching. They say, “If I’m going to take away from ‘MY’ precious time it’s going to be so I can learn from those who believe as I do”.


Because they don’t care, sometimes I say to the Lord, “what’s the use?” Sometimes I get discouraged, sometimes I say, “Lord Jesus, why did you lay this burden upon me when they just don’t care” and about then He will send me someone, who encourages me and tells me: “Jerry I read your book and now as I read the Bible I find it really speaking to me. Your book has made a difference I really am excited about what I’m learning.”


Once in a great while this happens after I’ve fled out to my little desert and am setting there under the shade of a withering plant feeling sorry for myself, but then the Lord sends that one person who He has touched. It usually happens as I sit there as the sun is beating down on me, and then I remember the battle is the Lord’s it is not “yours”.


Some of you who do care go through this same desert experience, but when God sends that one word of encouragement you know that He is not finished with you. You get up rejuvenated and soak in the refreshing Word of God. The Truth shall set you free


If you have been one of those voices who bring me back out of the desert I want you to know that I appreciate you so much for allowing The Holy Spirit to use in this way. Thanks for reading and commenting. May God richly bless you.