Can dispensational “truth” about this tree be correct?

I want you to consider the Olive Tree. if one ignores the fact that we Gentiles are added into something that already existed as depicted in the Olive tree of Romans 11, and that that already existing tree itself had to be pruned of any and all unbelief in order to make room for us Gentiles, then we could also ignore that Jews and Gentiles make up that tree — one new man (not two) in Gods overall plan for this age.

Dispensationalists could only be right if they convince us to ignore the fact that Jesus has told us that he had other sheep who were not of this fold of Israel — sheep who He said must be added to that fold so that there would only be one flock and one shepherd over them (Jn 10:16). And if one wants also to ignore the fact that Paul recognizes this oneness completely when he tells us of the mystery of the church (which existed in Israel’s called out ones — the Ekklessia of the Old covenant Acts 7:37-38) and which we as Gentiles are now no longer outside looking in on (Eph. 2) — this mystery gives us access to God’s covenants and promises — and we are now one with the Saints who preceded us in these covenants.
And dispensationalists could be right if you ignore the fact that we — this one new man of Ephesians — are promised to reign with Christ on this earth over the same nations that Israel is promised to reign over.
I could go on, but I will just in love tell you that James has told me that should I see a brother (I take that to mean a sister as well), straying from the truth, that –should I be able to turn them from the error of their ways; then It will be possible to save them from death (see the very last verses in James).

And so, to conclude, Peter also said of Paul’s teachings that they are difficult to understand and that many twist them to their own destruction (2 Peter 3:16). Jesus is the word of God, twisting the word is no different than twisting Him or as Paul put it receiving another Jesus — to make Him into something that He is not, is the same as creating another Jesus or presenting a different gospel. Yes the gospel is the good news of His first coming to die for your sins; to go into the grave; to resurrect on the third day; to show Himself alive to over 500; and to expect His coming back to resurrect the dead and Catch up the living unto Himself. Jesus is building His church (a church that already existed in the remnant of Israel) on the foundation stated by Peter (“thou art the Messiah, the Son of the living God” Matt. 16:16). This is a Jewish body of believers who were told of a New Covenant to come (Luke 22:20; Jer 31:31). They already existed and we are added to them. What we are added to already included all Jews in Abraham’s bosom who were led captive upon Jesus’ ascension (Eph.4:8) and it already included all of the then existing Jews of the remnant from Israel who were not cut off to make room for us (Rom. 11:5).

I realize that many of you are biased toward the dispensational teaching that separates us Jew and Gentile; a teaching which allows the scriptures to be compartmentalized so that one can Ignore certain warnings of Jesus which are hard to stomach. Warnings such as a falling away from Him. Warnings such as — “if you deny me I will deny you before my Father which is in heaven.” “Don’t do it young person” as Dr Harold Wilmington of Liberty University used to say — yes I came out of the Falwell’s dispensational teaching. I was led in this direction by many inputs from God the Holy Spirit, one of them being a professor at Liberty who will remain nameless to protect the innocent. Thank you Prof for putting me on to a book on eschatology that spurred in me further study.
Why am I so adamant that the Dispensationalist is wrong? You will need to read my book to thoroughly understand, but the time is soon coming when these things that they tell us will not touch the “church” will once again cause a purge of the Olive tree, and this time it will be Gentiles who have become unbelievers in the truth of God’s word who will be cut off to make room for the remnant who will rise up in Israel in these end of the age days which are just ahead even according to dispensationalists.
The root of the Olive tree is Jesus as I have explained in another post. All of its branches both natural and unnatural are rooted in Jesus. He is the root. You should read the post by that name — the Root. The tree represents the Israel of God, the people of God, the Church of God, the bride Of Christ, one new man, believers in Messiah. All of the above. We are all one new man.
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