I want to followup on my previous post regarding Jan’s recent e-mail. I do want to give her credit where I agree with her. In her e-mail she states: “Anyone who follows this ministry — its radio program, website, conference activity, and more — knows that I have a specific burden. Churches have dropped the greatest news there is today — the King is coming. And there is a crown for all of those who long for His appearing (II Timothy 4:8).”
First I want you to know that with this statement I totally agree. Jan is correct, but her implication in this e-mail and within her ministry is that if one is anything but pre-Trib one cannot share that news or that crown. And that grieves my soul.

She also stated that in “How the Blessed Hope Became the Blasted Hope: The Attack on Bible Prophecy.[‘] It grieves me that the topic is marginalized and mocked but even that fulfills Scripture (II Peter 3:3).”

With this statement I also agree. Bible prophecy is marginalized and mocked today fulfilling scripture, but I fully disagree with her implied root cause. The causes she represents are only symptoms of an heretofore untaught body of very easy to understand scripture concerning the truths on the church which already existed in Israel’s called out upon Jesus coming. This coupled with a grave misunderstanding of the Olive tree which is obviously made up of only believers from both Israel and the Gentiles. Unbelievers are all cut off.
The problem is the Pre-Trib doctrine just cannot be proven as being taught in scripture, yet because it is so prominent in church doctrine the very fact that it is unprovable has turned off the prophetic impact on our generation. It has led to other twisted truth coming out to oppose it, and it has caused the real truth taught in Scripture concerning Israel and the church to be ignored. We the two have been made into “one new man” this is not taught by Jan or by other popular Bible Prophecy teachers today. They are teaching that Israel can somehow be saved but in doing so they don’t join with us in Him, but remain separate as a nation led by Him. On that point Paul says that we inherit with them as part of that nation. They seem to imply two ways to salvation both involving Jesus and this creates a convoluted confusion within the new covenant concept of our faith.
She further states: “Dark headlines make sense when they fit hand-in-glove with eschatology or Bible prophecy. What a disservice to a flock to withhold this information or have it contorted into theologies and belief systems that don’t equip the flock to endure our times.”
With this I also agree, but please tell me how a Raptured church made up of members who cannot possibly fall from grace according to dispensational theology can have any need for endurance of what is coming on us? They cannot lose their salvation. They will miss the Tribulation, in fact most of them teach that the pre-Trib Rapture will actually cause the Tribulation of which Jesus speaks. But this very concern of hers is why I persist in posting and even e-mailing her.
She once told me when I offered to donate books to her ministry that she could not bring me on to confuse her listeners because I am post-Trib and that belief destroys the blessed hope.
Jan, I’m sending this to you via e-mail, if you read this please know that I love you in Messiah and am as concerned about you as you are about others. Please don’t get offended.