A survey just released by Pew Research Center is causing me to do some investigation of my own.

So is it that evangelical believers are uncovering new Scriptural revelation, or is it something else entirely that the evangelical community has engaged? Are all claiming to be evangelicals truly believers? One or the other is certainly true.

So what is going on with evangelicals? What I am about to say here is based on research and opinion not on scientific survey results. Although the Pew Survey says that we are losing evangelicals to a more liberal stance concerning gay marriage. So you will need to do your own thinking about this. But consider this survey as well as what I am finding in your own conclusion.

Following is a quote by Cheryel Lemley-McRoy, taken from the website Jesus without baggage.

“As a biblical Hebrew student, I have come to see that, at the very least, our English translations are not inerrant. …And learning that the first century Church Fathers didn’t consider Paul’s letters to be scripture, they made additions and comments before making copies and sending them on to the next church, resulting in codices that are all dissimilar, I have come to distrust Paul’s letters.
For me, Jesus Christ is the inerrant Word of God, and all Scripture must be evaluated through Him.”

This site is filled with similar stuff and I would not recommend it to any believer who is not throughly steeped in the study of the Scripture, because these folks have adopted a very liberal bias to Scripture although the site creator Lee has what he describes as a Fundamentalist background and today considers himself an evangelical follower of Jesus, but spreading which Jesus and what gospel?

Cheryel Lemley-McRoy the author of the above quote obviously based upon her own words considers Paul’s writings to be untrustworthy scripture which must be subjected to Jesus own words, but if you caught it His words are also (according to her), not without error. This may not sound that bad on first blush, but a little leaven leavens the whole lump. The problem with many who are drawn to “Jesus without baggage” is the same as it is for the site creator, for example even though Jesus is considered to be by them the source of all truth what He says in Scripture is cherry picked by them. For example hell is not a possibility since Jesus died that “every man” literally will receive eternal life unless he rejects it for some unknown reason in the judgment. This just scratches the surface of what is happening in evangelical circles.

So let’s return to what is actually happening that supports what both Jesus and Paul taught us would happen. And we do see it happening in the Pew survey.

An apostasy is occurring rapidly occurring. Two thousand years ago A refusal to believe Jesus by the Jewish hierarchy resulted in their being cut off, and Paul warned that should we Gentiles, who were recipients of the resulting adoption, also refuse to stand firm in our own belief that we too would be cut off. Believers today are falling away as Jesus predicted. It will only get worse. A doctrine which refuses to believe what both Jesus and The Apostles taught about falling away is made ripe for further disbelief as the leaven further defuses throughout the evangelical community. So am I saying that dispensational theology is the leaven? I’ll let you judge that, but if one believes that there is no possible fall for them, because of what their theology teaches, then are they not also cherry picking what both Jesus and Paul taught concerning the Gentiles who had entered the Olive tree? But, of course, what Pew has reported as happening to the Evangelicals is probably biased — right?