It’s all about discernment.

Jesus said that in the last days even the very elect would be in danger of being deceived. Yes the deceptive forces will be just that great against good and truth. Under these circumstances every believer needs to question what they see, and why they are seeing it. What you hear and why you are hearing it. And those questions must include what you are hearing concerning Scripture and Doctrine, as well as the worlds depiction of the “truth” Surrounding your existance.

Deception is an ever present concern, and even more so as that day draws nearer. Jesus promised to send us another comforter, who would lead you and me into all truth. Yet the Holy Spirit, whom He sent is a controversial subject amongst the teachers and preachers within the church. Deception is at work within that controversy. For if you possess and hear from this comforter whom Jesus sent you then you will be a discerner of the truth that He offers. That truth will impact not only your understanding, but your actions toward and your teaching of others.

There is a big difference in the one being deceived and the one who knowingly deceives. Throughout the scriptures God the Father and Jesus looked very differently upon those who were being deceived and those who were knowingly deceptive. He prayed Father forgive them for they know not what they do, when thinking of those who had through the orders of and the deception from others placed Him upon that cross, but to the deceivers who had ignored and twisted the truth of His Word, He had given us discernment that they were of their father the devil.

You and I must come to discern from the Lord His truth not our own. Today every man has his own truth, and will be deceived if that truth is not His Truth. Yes even the very elect.

Father keep us open to Your Holy Spirit’s teaching, open to His correction, open to Your wisdom and understanding. Give us the ability to discern your truth, and the will to pass it on. Your word is truth, but discerning our time and its truth also is one of our greatest needs in these days of deception and deceivers. I pray for my brethren that they will have Your Holy Spirits leading and anointing in their life.

If there are believers who do not have an understanding of Your Holy Spirits working in their life, I pray that they will ask for Your revelation so that that may change for them. Fill us all Lord with your truth, that we may adorn your Armor.