We now more than just suspect that CIA and FBI are controlled and acting manipulators of our government and our former Media Giants. I say former because people are catching on. Our dirty politicians have been either set up or they have been found out by these manipulators, and they now do their bidding or else.

Forget the facts or details produced by those who they cannot control. They will never be dealt with by this government. The left is so drugged up or willingly blind that there is no border crisis; no Monetary crisis; no drug crisis; no Trafficking crisis; no Election crisis; no Moral decay; no deep State; no CoVid corruption; no wars created by evil progressivism; no inflation; no illegal immigration; no Truth; no fake news media; no CCP enemies; no Biden family corruption; no AI threat to the world. But there is a great enemy of the constitution MAGA’s right wing terrorism, complete with its disinformation.

We are learning that if you are a true conservative interested in truth and equal Justice, even if you are the President you will be ignored, and you will be labeled a right wing terrorist, meaning that if you oppose or just happen to stray into the sights of any Federal government organization; then you will be demonized by the United States government.

If on the other hand you are a progressive you can commit crimes against the state and you will go scott free.

We have learned that truth tellers are in fact fearful of our own government.

We have learned that any member of Congress who dares bring forth truth or just seeks for it will be summarily dismissed by the News Media.

We have learned that big money controls us and our elections through our own government or the fourth leg of government (the Administrative State).

We have learned that most everything called conspiracy is actually real.

The two systems of justice alone prove that America is in real trouble. The change that the puppet Obama being aided by Soros has brought to the American Justice system is devastating in impact to any American, who is not left leaning.

So, will we have a fair election in 24? It is very doubtful, we know that the deep States actions in 2020 effectively was election theft and it will go unpunished by this government. But not by God.

When truth means nothing to fully one half of the American people then truth is meaningless, because the rest of us are labeled either meaningless or else as enemies or terrorists in the eyes of the Administrative (Deep) State and it’s leftist puppets in government.

Luke 21:36 Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man. (KJV) No weapons formed against me shall stand. Eternity is not theirs. It is ours.

Want proof of evil, watch this:

“They WILL crush you and ruin your life” – FBI whistleblower reveals Jan. 6th truth | Redacted News