You won’t believe this until you do. So what will cause your sudden change in perspective? Watch this and you might just weep for your country. If you’re like me you will weep for those in your family and those of your friends who will just not hear. You may be one of these people who has refused to hear or entertain such discussion in the past. And maybe many times you failed to listen to anyone who might infer that your government has a deep state. One which operates on its own to manipulate your elected government officials to do their bidding.

We have all heard that the CIA WAS at the very least involved in the Kennedy assassination. There are many Documentaries done on that tragedy. These usually take a different approach with differing plots, but the one common thread in most all of them is the CIA’s potential involvement.

Here I am not attempting to convince anyone with my arguments, but I am a believer that when you see this evidence presented in this interview and when you come to understand that this evidence will be presented soon in a court setting, that you will be more convinced of the evil afoot not only now but in past times. It is never good to trust deceivers. The Bible warns against it. They must be known in order to properly pray for this country and for our children.