There is a bigger question than Tucker being fired from FOX.

I’ll share an interview should you care to watch it at the end. What happened should cause you to think deeper. It promotes the questions I will put to you here.

Why would FOX release their number one rated show host? And not only is he #1, on FOX, but #1 when up against MSNBC; CNN, and all the rest.

Second question: Why would FOX not fight the suit against Dominion? I’ll just make these observations. One Democrat billionaire contributor paid an equal amount to what FOX just paid to have the Progressives set up for victory in 2020 with what turned out to be unlawful election practices in the swing States in order to defeat Trump; therefore it would take little convincing to have another leftist owned organization fork out another 3/4 of a billion dollars in order to make Trump continue to look bad, and aid in his 2024 defeat.

It is widely known that the software company for many of our states voting machines is owned by a Chinese company, with CCP OVER-SITE.

The deeper one dives into what is happening in this world at this time, the easier it becomes to conclude that the captured American News Media is unconcerned with our constitution and our individual freedoms, such as Speech, gun ownership, the vote, protection from drugs and illegal immigration at our border; nor are they concerned with what the American public wants to tune in to for News. The country has all but lost its way. The wealth, the Media and now the government all being controlled by a few elite lacking God and morality will not end well. The latest target is the control of alternative media.

There is a bill now being proposed aimed at the control of this media as well, and its “disinformation”. “Lawmakers voted 24 to 16 to approve the measure to grant the administration new powers to ban the ByteDance-owned app – which is used by over 100 million Americans – as well as other apps considered security risks.” There is concern that the “other apps” inclusion will bite any opposition.

Obviously our hope is not in this world. We know that in this world we will have tribulation. We also know that we are not to fear, for Jesus has overcome this world. Knowing this should make us bold in sharing Him no matter what the cost. For it is better to lose one’s life than to gain the whole world and lose one’s soul. We are not to fear him who can kill the body, but we are to fear Him who can destroy both body and soul in hell.

It is prudent to know what the enemy has planned, so that we can not thwart but slow his plans with our prayers and our actions. We are to gather ourselves together and even more so as we see that day coming. May God inspire us to godly actions.

Darren Beattie: Tucker The Lone Voice of Dissent, Uncovering Epps and Truth of Jan 6