The Bible speaks of a World ruling Beast system in Daniel and also in The Revelation. It is a system to be destroyed at the time of Jesus’ return. The evidence of the system has always been with us. It’s minions seek to destroy freedom. As our Lord told Peter, Satan seeks to sift us, but faith in Christ Jesus is not so easily destroyed.

But the Bible also speaks of Nations still being present when Jesus Returns. People from these nations will come before Him to be judged. Interestingly both systems are here right now. If you understand this you have God’s discernment.

The fact is we are witnessing the rise of this beast system even now in our world. Its ruler is from ancient days. The UN is the likely vehicle for his world control. Granting the UN power over a nation is a matter of individual national laws. Men yielding to this dark spiritual force. Proponents of this tyrannical system have risen up before whenever the Church has been weak.

◦ The beast system will have power over individual buying and selling. It will require some identifying “mark” to enable these transactions. It will require an allegiance to the Leader of this world system, one who has been given his power by the leading nations, but one who is Satan’s man on earth.

◦ The leader will be anti Christ and will be represented by a robotic image of himself one which will apparently be located in multiple places to be encountered and worshiped while communicating with the masses.

◦ Today our own government is relinquishing power over our future health to the UN’s WHO. Our government is joining in with a computerized electronic currency CBDC, which at some future time MUST BE TIED to the worlds system of currency in order that international trade can continue as Fiat currencies fail. Today Facial recognition has captured billions of us for the purpose of one thing the ability for future tracking. One day soon we can be told join the world systems or else.

We are seeing and we know that there will be nations who will not join in with the worlds Tyranny, but will one of those nations be the United States of America? If I were to try and answer that question, the answer right now would likely be no. For now this country is on course to make evil prevail over our lives. We transport or traffic in evil. We are truly in a post Christian America. Will this be changed? The revival within God’s own people is a key to bringing about God’s restraint.

◦ Nations that do not take care of God’s people, who are the brethren of Jesus, they will appear with the goats when Jesus does return to judge the nations. Before He judges the nations He will speak destruction to the beast system and its worshipers.

◦ We believers are commissioned to lift up Jesus to the world. We are to let our light shine. We have a great responsibility to those around us. If we love them we will do all we can to keep them from worshiping this coming beast system.

◦ Believers who have encountered the precursors of this coming beast have suffered greatly before it, we should expect the same; for it is an Antichrist system. One that hates our savior and His followers.

◦ Even so come quickly Lord Jesus. In the interim we must do all to stand.