Although I Disagree with Charlie on some of his statements in this short video still — you need to consider it. But before you listen, you really do need to consider the rest of what I am saying here:

I understand that when you are inappropriately put in prison with no possibility of bail in Washington DC where Judges are no longer upholding the constitution, but are installed by Progressive George Soros money, that then you will use any defense available to you. But this man in this video is not mentally disturbed. If you saw the prior documentary on him; then you know that: he may be a bit messed up Spiritually, but his main crime is being nonviolently politically passionate, as many of the rest of us are now becoming since the 2020 issues with elections.

He knows as we now know, and even more so now with these wrongful arrests and imprisonments, that we are losing our freedoms in this country. Stay with me.

There are so many unanswered questions created by legal authorities in this situation about this unlawful entrance into the Capitol on Jan 6, that we should all be fearing for our freedom.

What really was the FBI’s involvement in the incident?

Why were the calls for assistance before the event unanswered?

Why was the crowd attacked by the police making things worse? What was the crowd control policy? Why were those inciting Capitol entrance such as Ray Epps not immediately arrested? Why was he never arrested? What was the trigger for trying to disburse the crowd? Why were those encroaching upon the police positions up front not immediately cuffed rather than beaten? What were the orders and from whence did they come?

The main question is why was this allowed by the mainstream media to be used as a political ploy against Trump, by making his supporters look like insurgents when other civilly disobedient political actors were made to appear innocent while burning down buildings and actually shooting Cops, in the summer of 2020, just 6 months before?

These actions by authorities and the media cause many of us to compare what is happening here to what has happened in other countries where the masses go about their business while one set of political actors become so corrupt and powerful that they become Tyrannical. These countries have often fallen to Communism, and or Fascism.

When the laws and actions of government and the elite of society go against the basic morality of most if not all religions, and begin forcing immorality on the society in the name of individual freedom on the one hand, yet, on the other labeling religious speech opposed to such actions as hate speech; then what you have is a fundamental problem with freedom.

What had made America great was the freedom to debate ideas; that freedom is rapidly vanishing. This article by and others like it have gotten me banned from posting or even viewing my own Facebook page, or that of others. This is the beginning of the CCP style of Social Credits in what has been a beloved bastion of freedom, but not now, it is now where you are punished for certain activities that heretofore were free speech. Do you even care? You may not, but you soon will, when it hits your house or your family.

Bombshell Jan 6 Footage Shows ‘QAnon Shaman’ Led Through Capitol Peacefully by Police