So the basis of Missler’s argument from here on in is the assumption of the Doctrine of Imminence being correct – and as I have pointed out he has not yet proved it from Scripture. No one really has, but it is a popular teaching. Not knowing the day or the hour is far from imminent. In other words, Missler’s doctrine of the Rapture is based on an assumption which when examined lacks Scriptural evidence. Meaning that it cannot be solidly ascertained.

I can’t say this too strongly – he is building a doctrine on the assumption of another idea which is largely proven wrong. At least he has not proven it to be true for all who read Scripture seeking truth. And there are reasons why his theory is suspect if not completely untrue – all of them Scriptural.

He further teaches that: “The purpose of the Tribulation is to drive Israel to Christ.”

Hosea 5:15. Is his support.

I agree in part with this as one of God’s purposes, but it to is wrought with questions.

Hosea 5:15 I will go away [and] return to My place Until they acknowledge their guilt and seek My face; In their affliction they will earnestly seek Me. (NASB1995)

This verse is specific to the actual return of the Lord. Tribulation (the time of Jacob’s trouble) will accomplish this desired result, which all together implies that Israel’s salvation will bring back her Messiah. But the Tribulation is the culmination of all things for this age and Biblical prophecies concerning it’s rule of mortal man. So his narrower view ignores the purpose for Tribulation in the world, and in His Bride as a whole – during the tribulation 1/3 of Israel will convert to Christ (becoming believers in Jesus) and the other 2/3 will be killed. Thus the nation of Israel as Missler thinks of it will be interesting – because as a nation and as a separate religious group they will momentarily cease to be, unless we as Gentile believers are part and parcel included with Israel in God’s plan for that nation, as is implied in Genesis where Jesus is the seed of God’s people as a whole. Thus if we listen to Missler, the physical/literal promises to Israel (without us) will collapse into the symbolic, and there would be no literal “Israelites” (those who are saved Jews are Christ’s, and belong to His Church). His Ekklesia of the Old Testament (translated Church in the New), are His people. Without our carrying on His kingdom there is no kingdom of God’s people on earth today and unless we are part of this commonwealth as we know Paul taught us that we are this gospel of the Kingdom that Jesus commissioned the Apostles to preach is mute.

Read Isa 13 & 14

Jer. 50 & 51

Rev. 17&18

Eph 2

&Hebrews 11:40 again.