One thing that I find with endtime teaching is that most teachers will not share messages that disagree with their own teachings. I try not to be that person. Here I’m sharing a pre-Trib interview.

I strive to give my reader information that they may have missed. I learned long ago that education is not to hear what others have to say with an eye toward accepting everything that they teach, nor is it to just to ignore all other teaching that would oppose your understanding of Scripture. Some even begin with the purpose of putting other teaching down without first understanding what the teacher is saying.

When we are dealing with learning from the Holy Spirit however we must ask questions because we need to understand that unanswered questions only lead to more skepticism. Any time we hear something that seems to disagree with Scripture or that raises flags such as must be the case where contradictory statements occur; then we must dig deeper, and pray more.

Click on the link to hear Dana’s interview, and to view the comments posted there. Mine are among them, and I do make statements and ask questions.

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