These two men instigated and fostered what the real Insurrectionists wanted to have happen, and they did it at their behest, in order to be able to charge real patriots with what was their own crime, and take our eyes off of them so as to place them on patriots. These are two of the known perpetrators. There were many others. If you don’t take time to learn what really happened on Jan 6Th 2021 then you will be without excuse when you are arrested for speaking of Jesus and the Bible or for speaking the truth concerning our country, and it’s leaders.

To do what you need to do takes time. Even though the digging was already done for you. God has given you His Story in His book, but you must read it to learn of God. The same is true of the evidence of Americas planned take down. It’s already been documented for you. But you won’t know it if you don’t take the time to listen. Ordinary people are holding forth the truth for your understanding. Shame on you if you don’t gain that knowledge and join the spiritual battle against the over -throw, which has been and is still now taking place.

Now, I apologize to those of you who do read and review what you open from me, but to those who offer excuse and can’t be bothered with the attachments — this message of shame on you is for you. I love you, and you know who you are.

This first clip is short; the last is slightly longer. the second is long, but you can skip the advertisements and breaks with the forward button. Long as in an hour. So plan.

Here is your proof Jan 6Th is evidence that your country is under a tyrannical government:

Here is your proof that elections are being stolen: