Some of you can’t believe that the steal could be possible. Some of you believe that it is unbelievable that others can’t see what’s happened. The truth is out there. It just needs to be found by enough to force proper action.

But in order for that to happen there must be a willingness to listen to reasonable men, who may just believe differently than you do. Trouble is I can’t find anyone who claims opposition to the steal, who can seriously debate or take apart the evidence gathered by those, who claim it stolen.

It’s easy to call these people liars with no evidence to prove that position, but then, if you don’t need any proof of your position for a large portion of the public, who you find easiest to convince; than you expect that the rest will just believe you as the willingly ignorant do. So in order to convince the believers in the steal that their considerable evidence is not real, there needs to be convincing evidence to the contrary, or some other very good reason in order for them to not believe what is very believable facts, which are being presented, by very credible individuals.

Here is a sample of the evidence. This is one of several men, women and different groups, who have approached the elections of not just 2020, but of the last several elections, and found serious reason to think them to be stolen. What may interest you is the fact that both sides of the isle are on record believing in stolen elections.