Speculation is in the wind. Again for the first time since I was young there is talk of some kind of nuclear strike as a result of a war that is not just a rumor. And then there are the wars being fought at the political level. And here in the United States where it now seems that the “good” guys are winning, we have what is being viewed as evil controlling our country at a very crucial time in the worlds history.

I must ask why are troops being moved so close to this Russia/Ukrainian war zone? Glen in the attached video so asks why, and hopes that it may only be a game of chicken.

But all why questions are there in our minds. Some sensationalists raise the Armageddon question, but there will be no Armageddon until there is a one world order, complete with the worldwide persecution of believers in the Christ of the Bible. So what is happening now, although it can possibly lead to Armageddon, is not Armageddon.

Knowing our times is a charge coming to us from Jesus on words which, like it or not, are living and piercing still today.

There is much talk (rumor) of a false flag coming in order for the one worlders of this nation and the west to retain control when it appears that they may just lose this soon coming election. This war in which these progressives have us now very much engaged is not a false flag, but it certainly could be used as cause for implementing Marshal law in order to prevent the losing of an election and their ill gained power in this world.

If you know how to pray; then pray against whatever their schemes may be. But, we also must remember that when Jesus was facing the time of His greatest trial, He prayed: “Not My will, but Thine be done”. And remember.— When the world scoffs at what they deem to be naivety, on our part for believing scripture; we are then very close to seeing Jesus.