John 15:19 “If you were of the world, the world would love its own; but because you are not of the world, but I chose you out of the world, because of this the world hates you. (NASB1995)

When Jesus said this He had just laid down for us His plan for His own people, whom He has called out of this world. That plan for us, if we are living it out in Him, will bear His fruit, and frankly the world He says: will not love us. So, it is not unusual that you would think about just why it is that the world hates you?

Being hated is not a state to be naturally desired. It is however, a natural occurrence against us, according to Jesus, who certainly knew this rejection first hand, even as it existed against Him.

Why is it this way? We don’t like thinking that the world has its own following, and its own leader, and that that leader is not Jesus. He has told us that we are to spread the word of His coming including that rejection of His love, and of the forgiveness being offered — all of it. Offered to as many among the nations as would hear it, and receive it. But He also told us that not many will hear and follow.

Those who reject Him have aligned their thinking and likely their actions with the world. The world abides under the influence of the evil one.

His hatred of God is revealed in Scripture, and it continued with the torture of His Son, and Jesus made clear that it continues to exist against us, who abide in Him.

A question that I constantly am asking myself: do I hold back from sharing Christ in order to not offend those around me? It’s our nature to not want others to be offended by Jesus or us, but if I don’t tell them how can they decide for Him or against Him. And if they after hearing decide that I am only worthy of their hatred; then that rejection is a sacrificial gift that I’m making to Him. It is also a natural thing that we who are walking in the Spirit would grieve over the lost around us. There are always those who tolerate us and Jesus. For them we may even weep.

It is now the middle of the night, I was awakened to pray specifically for you who have not yet abandoned the world for Him, and yet have not hated me. Have you accepted Jesus call on your life? He wants to help you to overcome this world, for it is doomed for destruction. He is calling you to come and sup with Him.