Yes, there is an election coming, and yes the Democrats should lose big time. So is it to win the election? Is that the sinister reason for putting the country more at risk? We actually have more potential enemies to our national security than we have had in a couple of decades. The CCP IS A REAL RISK TO THIS COUNTRY. It is now a known fact that the Biden’s are really in the pockets of the Chinese, unlike what Trump was falsely accused of with Russia; this is really serious. Our military has been decimated by Biden’s actions with Woke leadership and the CoVid vaccines, which due to Biden’s policies saw an exodus of conservatives from the military, not to mention those who were injured just due to the vaccines themselves.

The US has sent much of our arsenal of hardware including ammunition, which is not easily replaced to the Ukraine. The CCP damaged much of our technically dependent industry with supply chain problems.

Biden is now decimating our military oil reserve. We must ask why. It’s either political gain or something much more sinister.

We know that the one worlders want nothing more than to see the fall of the west and its nationalism. Who is really running Biden’s government? Are they this stupid or do they know exactly what they are doing? Vote, and even that action may be too late.